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Tamil Piano Lessons


Tamil Piano Lessons is an Indian-based online music school. Here we provide music notations/scoresheets for popular Tamil film music/songs. We also undertake online Piano lessons for children and adults.

Tamil Piano Lessons

Short glimpse of our channel

Learn many beautiful Songs on our channel through Synthesia Piano Tutorials.You can also buy these score sheet in our website

Tajmeel Sherif

Piano Mentor & Music Director

Tajmeel Sherif is an accomplished musician and piano teacher with over 10 years of experience. He is a versatile musician, proficient in a range of genres including Western classical and modern film music. In addition to his musical talents, Tajmeel is also a gifted composer, singer, and YouTuber. Aside from teaching, Tajmeel is also a music director for News7Tamil since 2020. He is a multi-talented individual who has made significant contributions to the music industry and the media world. On his YouTube channel, he shares his music and knowledge with his followers, offering tutorials, performances, and other insightful content. If you're looking for a passionate and experienced piano teacher or just want to enjoy some great music, Tajmeel Sherif's YouTube channel is definitely worth checking out.

Making Music

Music Production & Composition 




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TS,Music Studios,Chennai

Music Equipment

Discover the Journey Through Music Production and Piano Mastery

Welcome to our comprehensive 4-module music production course that will ignite your passion for music and empower you with the skills to create, produce, and master your own music. Whether you're a budding musician, aspiring producer, or simply eager to unlock the world of melodies, this course is your gateway to musical excellence.

**Module 1: Basics & Introductions**

*Unveiling the Foundations*

In this initial module, you'll lay the groundwork for your musical journey. Discover the power of Logic X, one of the industry's leading digital audio workstations. Learn to capture and record your creative ideas, and dive into basic editing and arranging techniques to shape your musical vision.

**Module 2: Designing & Conceptualizing**

*Crafting Your Sound*

The second module is all about sound design and creative conceptualization. Explore synthesis and sampling techniques to sculpt unique sounds. Dive into the art of developing and structuring your musical ideas, setting the stage for your artistic expression.

**Module 3: Producing & Finalizing**

*Master the Craft*

In this critical phase, you'll delve into the intricacies of music production. Master the art of mixing and mastering to give your music that professional sheen. Experience the magic of sound effects and music for picture, and bring your creative ideas to their full potential.

**Module 4: Piano Skills**

*Unlock the Keys to Harmony*

The final module is dedicated to unlocking the beauty of the piano. Begin with basic exercises and progress to understanding chords and their applications. Explore scales and their versatility in various genres. Learn the secrets of song structure, and compose captivating melodies using scales. Finally, embrace the joy of playing both contemporary and semi-classical songs.

**Assessment Structure**

Your journey will be marked by practical application:

- **Project 1:** Challenge yourself to program a full song in four different genres based on a given melody.

- **Project 2:** Step into the world of film scoring as you craft music for a teaser and a sample movie reel, enhancing the cinematic experience.

- **Project 3:** Put your newfound skills to the test by mastering songs in four different genres, ensuring they sound flawless and professional.

**Enroll Today**

Join us on this exciting adventure through the realms of music production and piano mastery. Our course offers a structured path to nurture your talent, ignite your creativity, and equip you with the skills to pursue a fulfilling career in music. Enroll today and embark on your musical journey with us.

*Let's create beautiful music together.*

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